Movement In Exile
Thursday, 30 September online

Out of Bounds
30 September, Kl 19:35/ 7.35 CET
Free online performance
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Revanta Sarabhai is a dancer, choreographer and actor from Ahmedabad and forms the third generation of the legendary dance family after Mrinalini Sarabhai and Mallika Sarabhai, both world renowned artistes. Having made his solo classical dance-debut at age 8, Revanta’s work has been showcased at prestigious festivals and venues across India, Europe, UK and USA.

In Out of Bounds, Revanta Sarabhai and Pooja Purohit pose the question: what happens when you dissect Bharatanatyam to its core. The two dancers look for a new narrative, while their bodies still carry traces of the past. We see, in three chapters, a man and a woman transform the pure form of their dance to a story about relationships.

“a modern-classical pas de deux which could easily be as seen at the Nederlands Dans Theater... Choreographer Sarabhai, and artistic director Spreksel use the tradition, but also go a long way from it... providing a beautiful variegated piece”
— Dick van Teylingen, Theatrekrant

Concept and Choreography: Revanta Sarabhai
Direction: Leo Spreksel
Performed by: Revanta Sarabhai & Pooja Purohit
Music Arrangement: Stijn van Strien with music by Manikandan Nair
Lighting Design: Bas Vissers
Publicity Photos: Gaurang Anand
Performance Stills: Robert Benschop
A Korzo Production

Dont miss the online webinar with Revanta Sarabhai, 1 Oct at 13.00/ 1 pm CET: Bodies speaking of today- Bharatanatyam in a contemporary context

Friday, 1 October online

Lost Chinatowns
Cynthia Ling Lee / Post Natyam Collective

1 October, Kl 19:25/ 7.25 pm CET
Free online performance
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Lost Chinatowns explores the destruction, lost vibrancy, and historical erasure of Santa Cruz’s Chinatowns from 1860-1955. Santa Cruz, now known for being the ultra-liberal “leftmost” city of the US, was once the center of virulently xenophobic anti-Chinese racism in California in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This ensemble dance-theater work brings together a dynamic cast of all Asian American women, imbuing the history of Santa Cruz’s Chinatowns with a sense of community care and resilience while embodying a diverse vision of Asian America.

Choreography, script, and performance: Cynthia Ling Lee with contributions from the performers
Performers: Clarissa Dyas, Lynn Huang, Zoe Huey, and Cynthia Ling Lee Dramaturgy: Scott Trafton
Sound Composition: Anna Friz
Assistant Direction: Shyamala Moorty
Length: 33 min

Saturday, 2 October on stage

Rite of Spring / Abhinaya Rasa Manjari / Ma-rgam
Nava Gati´s live-on-stage festival day at Tonsalen/Teater Sláva with two performances, artist talks and screen dance at Tonsalen/Teater Sláva, Kyrkogårdsvägen 2, Huddinge.
Doors open at 16:00/ 4.00 pm. Tickets for sale in the foajé/Tonsalen and online. Café/bar is open during the whole event.

Entrance fee: 225 SEK Ord/150 SEK Stud/Senior, includes all three events
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Rite of Spring

Rite of Spring (filmed version)
Seeta Patel Dance

2 October, 16:00/ 4.00 pm CET
Tonsalen/Teater Sláva, Kyrkogårdsvägen 2, Huddinge
Length: 38 min.

Entrance: Included in the ticket for 2 October.
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Igor Stravinsky’s avant-garde score stunned Paris audiences when it debuted in 1913 and has been hugely influential ever since. Award-winning choreographer, Seeta Patel reimagines this iconic ballet in the powerful classical Indian dance style, Bharatanatyam, bridging two very technical, powerful, and evocative artforms (Western classical music and Indian classical dance). Discover a transformative re-telling of this pagan folk story through intricate rhythmic footwork, expressive prowess and geometric and dynamic movements.

Normally seen in solo presentations, Bharatanatyam is an incredibly rich art form that is being recognised more and more globally within a wider dance landscape. With ensemble Bharatanatyam in a contemporary context being a rarity, this work fills a gap and opens the potential from much more growth of the art form, and coming together of diverse audiences.

Director & Choreographer: Seeta Patel
Costume Design: Jason & Anshu (India)
Lighting design: Warren Letton
Producer: Sarah SheadSpin-Arts
Administrator: Hayley Youell
Photo: Joe Armitage

Dont miss the online webinar with Seeta Patel, 1 Oct at 13.00/ 1 pm CET: Bodies speaking of today- Bharatanatyam in a contemporary context and online documentary film Behind the scenes- Rite of Spring.

Vyshnavi Kurlakunta

Abhinaya Rasa Manjari- a garland of emotions through expressions in Kuchipudi
Vyshnavi Kurlakunta

2 October kl. 18:00/ 6 pm CET
Tonsalen/Teater Sláva, Kyrkogårdsvägen 2, Huddinge
Length: 45 min

Entrance: Included in the ticket for 2 October
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Javalis are the pieces around the context of love In Kuchipudi dance. This Javali 'Oh my lovely lalana' is a 17th century javali which was written by Karur Sivaramayya in both English and Telugu words to please the merchants from the East India Company, hence these javalis are called company javalis. Abhinaya Rasa Manjari', is a garland of emotions through expressions in Indian classical Kuchipudi dance originated in Andhra Pradesh. In these pices stringed togehter Vyshnavi is giving the Abhinaya, narrative dance through gestures and facial expressions, a fresh and innovative interpretation with stories and elements in a contemporary context.

Abhinaya Rasa Manjari is formed both as a demonstration and a performance giving the audience an insight to abhinaya and to Vyshnavis personal approach to it.

Ma-rgam - premiere!

Ma-rgam - premiere!
Pauline Reibell & Maria Bovin de Labbé
2 October, kl.19:15/ 7.15 pm CET
Tonsalen/Teater Sláva, Kyrkogårdsvägen 2, Huddinge
Length: 50 min.

Entrance: Included in the ticket for 2 October
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Ma-rgam is the search for the silence underlying all movements in life. A movement appears and disappears; a sound, a gesture, a thought, a form.

Margam means path in Sanskrit. In Indian classical Bharata Natyam dance tradition it is the repertoire accompanied with live music presented in front of an audience. It is very refined, rehearsed and sacred, honoring the form taught from teacher to adept as well as it carries forth the lineage of the teacher. Ma-rgam, in this contemporary context, is a symbolic rendition of what this path means to us, here and now, in its rawness, vulnerability, in the joy of playing, expressing, connecting and sharing. It is a journey from form to the formless and also a search for MA, that the Japanese refer to as the new space in-between.

In the end Pauline and Maria open up the stage for a participatory experiment where performers and spectators/audience meet as they taste the interconnectedness in a final invitation to merge with the silence.

An Artist talk with Pauline and Maria follows the performance

Dance: Pauline Reibell
Frame drum: Maria Bovin de Labbé
Light design: Angela X

Sunday, 3 October on stage
in collaboration with Stockholm Sangeet Festival.

Kuchipudi dance recital
Vyshnavi Kurlakunta
3 October, Kl.16:00/ 4 pm CET
Musikaliska, Nybrokajen 11, Stockholm

A solo performance in Kuchipudi, a classical dance form originating from Andra Pradesh, by Vyshnavi Kurlakunta is opening the 15th Stockholm Sangeet Festival
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Vyshnavi is a certified Kuchipudi performing artist, instructor and choreographer. In her dance journey of 10 years, having undergone meticulous training under her gurus, she performed at over 380 diverse platforms and received accolades and adoration for her performing abilities. She is also skilled in theatre art which adds to her abhinaya on stage. Vyshnavi is highly determined in taking this traditional art form to common audience and contemporary youth and she has performed extensively in rural India and educational institutions.